Helping those affected by diabetes fight against the deadly consequences.

Managing diabetes while handling the demands of a job and looking after a family can be a stressful challenge. How do you balance food, medicines, rest, monitoring and exercise with work, especially if you’ve got the added pressure of deadlines at your job and responsibilities at home? For those diagnosed with diabetes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by how to eat correctly, fit exercise into a busy day, and know when to test your blood sugar levels.

When people who struggle with diabetes are trying to get control, they need answers about properly managing their condition in ways that work with their lifestyle. They need a trusted partner to offer proper education and emotional support.

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You and AltaMed can be that supportive partner. Together, we can make a difference by:

  • Offering culturally-competent education and chronic disease management tips from  primary care providers
  • Delivering easy-to-understand advice on diabetes self-management through our Diabetes Group Visits and Diabetes Prevention Program

  • Providing the tools to help people learn both healthy eating and physical activity habits

Impact we’ve made so far

completed their diabetes self-management goal
participated in our Diabetes Prevention Program
attend Diabetes Group Visit sessions each year

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