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Direct Relief Fund

The Direct Relief Fund provides immediate funding to patients and community members currently in crisis and experiencing extenuating circumstances. Through this fund and the generosity of our donors, we have been able to cover a patient’s medical co-pays, provide families with groceries and even retrofit a van to include a wheelchair lift.

Since its inception, AltaMed has been able to provide members of our community with direct, immediate relief by giving:

$$$$$ to families in need

### Food vouchers, lifestyle support, etc.

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To read more about the Direct Relief Fund visit here or to donate directly to the Fund click here.

About Direct Relief Fund

Job loss, medical crises, housing instability, or the death of a loved one can all have a devastating impact on one’s life. The cyclical connection of employment loss, medical and family crises, and housing instability is a reality faced by many families, especially for minorities or those living at or below the poverty line. Coupled with circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic, those who were already struggling to make ends meet lost jobs, loved ones, and a sense of safety.

In our communities, immediate, direct relief can mean the dierence between food on the table or rent payment for many families and individuals.

Launched in 2019 as an employee giving program, AltaMed’s Direct Relief Fund has evolved into a comprehensive giving program that provides critical funds to both AltaMed patients and participants who need immediate help and have limited resources. From covering a medical co-pay, to providing a family with groceries, to fitting a van for a wheelchair lift, there are endless ways to provide someone relief from everyday hardships.

Employees of AltaMed as well as members of the community who would like to make an immediate impact on someone who they know is struggling, can submit nominations.

Through Direct Relief, AltaMed gives:

Support to families struggling with food and housing insecurity

Support to families who have lost a loved one

Support to uninsured patients experiencing financial instability

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