When a new mom gives birth, she and her child should receive the care they deserve so they can get off to a great start.

We believe that the road to community wellness starts at home with self-care and family.

Today, moms are often so busy taking care of their families and loved ones that they forget to take care of themselves. First-time mothers are no exception. These moms not only need to manage their day-to-day lives, but they also need to figure things out. Everything is new. In addition, they are still trying to get a handle on being a full-time caretaker of a new life.

When moms need a helping hand, they should have a partner who takes care of the little things so they can spend more quality time with their family.

Impact we’ve made so far

moms and new babies off to a great start
newborn kits with onesies
car seats for struggling mothers

Together, you and AltaMed can be that partner. We can help make a difference:

  • Preparing new mom kits, which include strollers, diapers, wipes, onesies, bottles and other essentials a new mom needs
  • Provide training opportunities so that moms can get better jobs to help support their family
  • Provide lactation support groups for those who are having trouble breastfeeding
  • Help get critical healthcare such as mammograms for continuous life-saving care

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