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La Linterna

AltaMed Health Services’ La Linterna program provides primary care, trauma-focused mental health resources, immigration legal services and holistic case management for refugee and immigrant families in the Los Angeles area.

La Linterna has developed into a one-of-a-kind, multi-disciplinary program designed to remove health care barriers specific to refugees and immigrant families. To date, this program has:

Provided xx primary care visits to children and their families

Connected xx families to legal services

Referred xx children to mental health services

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AltaMed Foundation has big plans to double the number of children served each year through La Linterna. To help support this goal, donate here.

About PACE

Each year, 70,000 children seek refuge from humanitarian threats in Latin American countries and are placed into government custody at American borders. While they come to the United States fleeing violence, extortion, famine, and sexual exploitation, their subsequent experiences within custody of the U.S. government are often characterized by neglect, malnutrition and family separation. Once released from detention, these children face a variety of medical, mental health and legal challenges in a system that oers them limited support.

AltaMed physician, Dr. John Harlow, continuously noticed the negative health eects that these experiences were having on his pediatric patients at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The need for trauma-informed care to migrant children and their families was clear.

In 2019, Dr. Harlow and the AltaMed Foundation developed La Linterna. Designed to fill in the gaps between the needs of migrant youth patients in Los Angeles and the services available to them, La Linterna provides refugee and immigrant families with:

  • primary care
  • trauma-focused mental health resources
  • immigration legal services
  • and holistic case management

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