Everyone deserves quality health care.

AltaMed Foundation fights tireless to ensure that underserved neighborhoods have access to quality, culturally competent care. Your support produces measurable results and evidence-based solutions.

Stay Informed About Your Communities Health Disparities

AltaMed Foundation is a trusted source of accurate information regarding community health disparities - get updates, reports and more.

We focus on making the greatest impact within our communities

Access to Care

We are dedicated to eliminating disparities in health care access and outcomes for multiethnic communities all over Southern California and what that means is understanding the unique needs of everyone we serve. If someone comes from a group that’s more likely to have higher risks for heart disease, we look not only at clinical interventions but community resources that can help them live healthier. And if those community resources aren’t available, we do everything we can, including working with elected officials, to help make them a reality.

Fighting Health Disparities

AltaMed Foundation recognizes just how critical it is to provide equitable and accessible health care to their communities, as well as the importance of actively working to eliminate social determinants of health. These health disparities include: transportation, access to healthy foods, education, and many others.

Community Engagement

AltaMed Foundation is committed to serving our communities, but also empowering them to make a difference. It’s important to lead and work collaboratively to improve the health of our community. We want to involve partnerships and coalitions to mobilize resources to influence systems, programs and practices.

Without your support,
AltaMed's life-changing work in
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