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Preventative Care

Chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, pose a prevalent threat to our communities. Millions of U.S. adults are at high risk for type 2 diabetes. In 2020, it was recorded that Xxx% of AltaMed patients suer from type 2 diabetes, which is avoidable through healthy prevention.


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Our goal is to keep families healthy for years to come, so they can enjoy a longer life and healthier living. In pursuit of this goal, please consider making a donation today.

About Preventative Care

Preventative Care provides resources to prevent chronic diseases from getting in the way of our patients growing healthy and our communities thriving. From Zumba and nutrition classes to help fight diabetes and smoking cessation classes to finally kick the habit, to oering screening services and ensuring that your vaccines are up to date, so you can avoid future health problems, AltaMed knows that the road to good health begins with early prevention. AltaMed is working tirelessly towards goals like reducing the diabetic hypertension rate from 35% to single digits and increasing the cancer screening rate and child vaccination rate to 90%.

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