Teresa's Story

Teresa, a patient of AltaMed Medical Group – Pico, Passons, is legally blind with only 5% visibility from her right eye and no sight from her left. She not only has 4 children of her own, but has also adopted 3 others. She needed a special recording device, a Braille device, that would help her arrange medical appointments and other important dates. The Braille Institute sells the device, but Teresa has had financial struggles. She has tried saving a few dollars throughout the year, but there would always be an emergency that she would need the money for.

She has described her condition as being locked in a dark room. There’s nothing you want more than light to be let in so that you can find your way. She has to rely on her spouse and family to get around. She does feel very fortunate to have the 5% vision in her right eye. Her friends, who have lost complete vision in both eyes, often ask for her support to get a cup of coffee or get to the nearest restroom. AltaMed GIVES, AltaMed’s employee program that helps give back to our patients, was able to provide Teresa with a gift card to purchase the braille device, helping to make everyday tasks easier.

Teresa shared that AltaMed reminds her of the giving tradition in Mexico City. During this tradition, people are asked to give up a warm sweater or jacket that means a lot to them. Making this sacrifice to support another during the cold weather is truly giving from the heart. They would then hang the articles of clothing on trees and before you knew it, there would be seven trees with beautiful, nice, clean sweaters and jackets for anyone in need. She expressed that the people in Mexico City do look out for one another especially in their time of need and she sees the same act of kindness in AltaMed’s staff. She is truly grateful and blessed to be a part of the AltaMed family.

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