Youth Champions Program


Program Description

AltaMed’s Youth Champions program empowers youth to enhance their life skills, including leadership, communication, financial literacy, positive mindset, determination to work hard, and GRIT. Students who demonstrate a willingness to work hard will build courage, perseverance, creativity and problem- solving skills

Program Objective

Our students demonstrate the ability to pursue and achieve goals with a positive mindset to work hard and persevere. Youth Champions are determined to become lifelong learners and leaders.

Program Goals

  • Develop perspective in Youth Champions that there are no limits to their capabilities with perseverance and hard work (GRIT)
  • Champions develop their capability to critically think and learn through logic skills, habit development, and accountability
  • Champions understand their mindset determines their reality, for themselves, their family, and the  community


Successful healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and executives will recruit fellow speakers, mentors, teachers, and collaborators to host a series of 26 workshops. Workshops will be held weekly, on campus and snacks will be provided. These workshops are one hour and fifteen minutes after school and do not interfere with the school day.

Students are also encouraged to participate in the Youth Champions book club and inspirational and educational video contests where they can “earn to learn” and will receive $20 cash prizes for participating and $100 for submitting the top 3 reports.

Contact Information

Ana Cortez

[email protected]

(323) 307-0186

Before Joining Youth Champions Program
After Joining Youth Champions Program
34% knew what it took to become a successful entrepreneur.
84% knew what it took to become a successful entrepreneur.
50% knew about careers in the STEM field.
87% knew about careers in the STEM Field.
14% agreed or strongly agreed that they knew successful entrepreneurs.
95% stated that they met successful entrepreneurs.
73% felt confident about facing problems.
92% felt confident about facing problems.
64% agreed or strongly agreed that they see barriers as opportunities.
92% stated that they learned to cope with their emotions to overcome barriers.

What’s one thing you’ll remember about the Youth Champions Program?

“All of the personal one-on-one stories we’ve shared with one another. Hearing what other people have been through and how we can all relate to one another.” –Rosa Magana, AltaMed

What kept you coming back to class?

“I kept coming because I loved to get out of my comfort zone even if it was embarrassing, I also enjoyed playing the games that had lessons to them.” –Richard Soto, South Gate High School

“I like the support that I found in this program. Whenever I had questions, I could talk to the staff and they would help me. During quarantine especially, since I felt really affected. Having the weekly meetings helped me accept my current conditions and helped me realized the brighter side of things.”  -Youth Champions Student

Schools Serviced

We are currently servicing Bravo Medical Magnet, Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine, and Felicitas & Gonzalo Mendez High School. This program is completely free and gives students opportunity to earn as they learn. There is space available for students 9th-12th grade, you can find the application at


Due to COVID-19, AltaMed’s Youth Champions program had to pivot quickly to support the new challenges the champions and their families were facing. With schools shut down, program coordinators switched to virtual sessions. Our program has had to find ways in which we are able to better support our Champions. AltaMed has begun conducting phone conversations with students in order to see if there were any challenges that the Champion was facing. The High School Pipeline Coordinator discussed financial aid, resources, and academic counseling during these conversations.

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