Bertha Aguirre
Bertha AguirreEmpire Transportation, Inc.
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“We at Empire Transportation are big fans and supporters of AltaMed’s East LA Meets Napa food & wine tasting event. This event offers the perfect combination of wonderful food, excellent wines and amazing company while raising funds to help underserved communities. After attending the event and learning about what AltaMed does for our neighbors, I knew I had to get involved.

Empire Transportation has partnered with AltaMed to provide transportation to those in need – such as seniors who need transportation to medical appointments. In addition, I now serve on the Board of Trustees and as Co-chair of the Women in Action committee, which raises funds to provide women’s health services. I am extremely proud to work alongside AltaMed to give back to our shared community by increasing access to quality medical care and promoting women’s health.”

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Bob Lancaster
Bob LancasterSea Cliff Country Club
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“I was volunteering at the Huntington Beach Clinic and saw that a lot of families were not getting the full medical attention they needed, even though the services were offered at the clinic. I’d look at these sick kids, smiling with their teeth all out of sorts, and wonder if somebody had reached out to the parents to see if the kid had been to the dentist. I spoke to the Clinic Administrator. She said that she would love to hire more staff, but would need help raising additional resources. I went home and spoke with my wife, Patti, and we decided to do something about it.

Twelve years ago, we started an annual golf tournament at Sea Cliff Country Club, where we are members. I never saw myself as a health nut or advocate. I just saw a problem in my community and decided to help by supporting my local clinic.”

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Marisol Castillo
Marisol CastilloCatrinas Unidas
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"One of my biggest goals and aspirations is to help underserved communities. I enjoy giving back to individuals who may need a hand or support during difficult times.Throughout its history, AltaMed has provided a platform by which God's work can be done.

The Women in Action committee, of which I am a member, has brought together like-minded individuals with the goal of helping and supporting women in underserved communities."

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Since 1990, there has been an increase of 112% in the senior citizen population in the State of California. As this population ages, there will be a shortage of resources to care for their increasing health needs.
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“Since I started coming to PACE (Program for All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly), I feel a lot healthier. I’ve met a lot of new friends. The people here at AltaMed are nice to me and know me by name. I enjoy myself here.” – Oscar, PACE participant
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1 in 8 US women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. If detected early, the survival rate is as high as 98%, compared to 27% if detected at a later stage.
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“After my breast cancer diagnosis, my main concern was that I didn’t have insurance. My AltaMed Care Coordinator helped me enroll in insurance. My surgeries, treatment and follow-up care would all be covered while I successfully fought breast cancer.” – Sonia, breast cancer patient and survivor
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Los Angeles has a lower high school graduation rate than the California average. In 2016, approximately 75% of city students graduated on time, compared to 83% statewide.
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“The case managers and people who worked for the Escalera program molded me and moved me forward. They taught me accountability and gave me the continuous push that I needed to stay motivated.” – Joseph, Escalera Youth Program participant
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38% of fifth, seventh and ninth graders in California are overweight or obese. At least 75% of these overweight kids are likely to be obese as adults.
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“In our culture, it’s hard to talk to your kids about their weight, but AltaMed taught me how to do that. Now meals are positive family time.” – Magdalena, Obesity Prevention Program participant
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AltaMed has made significant strides in increasing access to care in our communities. Join our mission!


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