A Life-Changing Gift

AltaMed Patient

Fifty-nine-year-old Alejandro prides himself on staying healthy and active. He and his wife enjoy taking long walks at South Gate Park, which is located near their home of nearly 20 years. He has also played and coached soccer since his youth– often involving his own children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, his activities have recently been curtailed due to a workplace knee injury that has left him walking with a cane.


“After this injury happened, everything went down for me,” says Alejandro, who has been on Worker’s Compensation since the accident. “I get depressed because I have always worked; I am a hard worker.”


Now, he is going through a prolonged process that may involve a second surgery on his knee. Not being able to bring home his regular paycheck, he and his wife have found themselves struggling to pay basic bills such as water and trash and to have enough for the groceries. Gratefully, AltaMed was able to give them a helping hand.


“I was talking to the doctor about my situation, and he asked me, ‘How are you getting by right now?’” says Alejandro, who never imagined asking for help. “I was stressed about everything.”


After they talked, Alejandro recalls getting the good news from the AltaMed clinic. 


“All of a sudden they called me to come pick up a package. It was a $400 gift card,” he says with a bright smile. “I was so happy and it made me cry because I did not expect to receive this. With the situation my family is going through, this helps us a lot. I thank AltaMed with all my heart.”


Alejandro hopes the Community Care Fund can continue to grow and help others who have a true need. His spirits have been lighter, and he looks forward to getting back to his old self.

“My priority right now is to be in good health so I can get back to work,” he adds.

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