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Grateful Patient Program

Philanthropy has been a core value of AltaMed and the communities we serve since day one. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, patients selflessly donated a dollar or whatever change they had into a water jug to serve as a makeshift piggy bank.


With the funds collected in the water jug, our community demonstrated the power of collective action. Vulnerable neighbors, community members, and patients alike could receive free health services. Back then, the water jug was placed near the entrance of the clinic. When a patient couldn’t afford to pay for their doctor’s visit, AltaMed volunteers would walk over to the water jug and gather the money to cover the cost. These same volunteers would cheer when they heard the sound of change going into the piggy bank, because that meant they could provide services to more people. The funds in the water jug would go up and down as needed by the community. Many patients felt that caring for their neighbors was like caring for an extended family member. And our abuelos understood that healthy neighbors and families made strong communities.

Although the water jug piggy bank has been retired, we continue to embrace our culture of philanthropy with the support of the AltaMed Foundation. As the organization’s fundraising arm, the AltaMed Foundation aims to eliminate social determinants of health by creating opportunities for patients and community members through financial contributions. As we expand into different communities, we ask you to join us and be a part of AltaMed’s future.

Grateful Patient Program

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Honor a Caregiver


At AltaMed, patient-centered care is a way of life. We know that patients sometimes bond with their caregivers. When you make a gift through Circle of Support, you have the opportunity to send a message and honor a honor a physician, nurse, or staff member who went the extra mile to ensure you stay healthy.


Nursing is not just a job, it’s a calling. Those who answer the call are never forgotten by their patients. In a patient’s vulnerable moments, nurses demonstrate skill, empathy, and kindness. PACE Manager of Nursing Practice Margarita Garcia, RN, BSN, PHN, MSN, is an extraordinary example of a caregiver who lives her true vocation every day. Read more.

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