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AltaMed Foundation Equity Leaders

Launched Spring 2023, the AltaMed Foundation Equity Leaders is an exclusive network of AltaMed’s most dedicated Champions. Equity Leaders are the driving force behind AltaMed Health Services’ mission to make quality healthcare accessible to all. By investing a minimum of $25,000 annually to support AltaMed Health Services programming, their help ensures AltaMed can continue to eliminate roadblocks to health care access by bringing convenient, culturally sensitive care directly to the communities that need it most.



Equity leaders will receive the following expressions of gratitude throughout the year:

  • Exclusive updates by AltaMed leaders, medical briefings by providers and other behind-the-scenes access at select events
  • Recognition in donor listings as a AltaMed Foundation Equity Leaders member
  • Complimentary estate planning advisory session
  • A membership memento

Become an Equity Leader

If you are not already a member, we invite you to join or renew your Equity Leader membership today by making your annual gift of $25,000 or more to support AltaMed Health Services. Your gift helps advance health equity for our patients and the community members we serve by addressing the social determinants of health, expanding quality healthcare access for all and growing our medical education and healthcare workforce development programs. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Before Joining Youth Champions Program
After Joining Youth Champions Program
34% knew what it took to become a successful entrepreneur.
84% knew what it took to become a successful entrepreneur.
50% knew about careers in the STEM field.
87% knew about careers in the STEM Field.
14% agreed or strongly agreed that they knew successful entrepreneurs.
95% stated that they met successful entrepreneurs.
73% felt confident about facing problems.
92% felt confident about facing problems.
64% agreed or strongly agreed that they see barriers as opportunities.
92% stated that they learned to cope with their emotions to overcome barriers.

Equity Leader Gatherings

Art, Culture and Health, May 2023

Equity leaders gathered at AltaMed’s Corporate Headquarters rooftop in Commerce to hear Senior Leadership, Associate Vice President & Chief Curator of the AltaMed Art Collection, Susana Smith Bautista, Ph.D., Chicana artist and member of Los Four Judithe Hernández, and Chicano painter Eloy Torrez, as they discuss the AltaMed Art Collection and its important connection to the history, mission and vision of our organization.

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