Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement and the protestors of the 1960s fighting to be seen as equal in the eyes of the law, AltaMed was founded as a solution to Latin-Americans not receiving proper and equitable healthcare.

More than 50 years later, AltaMed can’t afford not to advocate. Activism is deeply rooted in AltaMed and today, they, along with their community of supporters, are more passionate and committed than ever to social justice in health care.

Rooted in Activism

In 1969, a group of Brown Berets in East Los Angeles were inspired to take action and build a free clinic that would allow their community access to affordable health care in their own language.

Humble Beginnings

The East LA Barrio Free Clinic was created and sustained by community volunteers, and supported by cash donations. People waited in long lines and paid what they could.

Many Milestones. Same Mission.

AltaMed, and with the generosity of their donors, has since expanded well beyond the walls of that initial clinic and reached many important milestones in their journey to address healthcare disparities. Yet, the climate in which they exist has not entirely changed. AltaMed remains an activist in healthcare through their programs that develop their community by providing:
  • Culturally and linguistically appropriate care where needed
  • Workforce pipelines
  • Health care policy reform
  • Voter rights advocacy

We can’t solve healthcare disparities alone. Lets continue the fight and make a difference, together.


AltaMed Responders recognize just how critical it is to not only provide equitable and accessible health care to their communities, but also the importance of actively working to eliminate social determinants of health.

Access to health care impacts one’s overall physical, social, mental health status and quality of life.

What are some barriers to overall health?

Barriers to overall health include:
  • Living in a food desert, or living with food insecurity
  • Lack of transportation and physical means to health & human services
  • Poverty and high cost of care
  • Adequate or no insurance coverage
  • Lack of availability of services
  • Lack of culturally competent care

Thanks to our community of supporters

AltaMed has successfully implemented the following programs and services to remove health care barriers and provide an integrated delivery system for Latino, multi-ethnic, and underserved communities:

La Linterna Program

Provides primary care, trauma-focused mental health resources, immigration legal services and holistic case management for refugee and immigrant families in the Los Angeles area.

Clinician Home Visit Program

Provides primary in-home care to patients and their families who face physical, mental or functional limitations that prevent them from receiving office-based care.

Federally Qualified Health Center

AltaMed does not turn away any patient who walks through their doors and is instrumental in reducing emergency room visits by ensuring that uninsured, underinsured and underserved patients receive high-quality primary health care.

Youth Champions

A mentorship-based program for high school and college students that provides business, leadership, and life skills and supports mentees in giving back to their communities through food kit donations and school supplies drives.

Help us deliver a better tomorrow for our communities

When all people have access without barriers to health care and human services, cycles are broken and communities flourish. With support from donors, AltaMed can expand our community programs and help more members of the community thrive.

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