As California continues to move through the phases of reopening, AltaMed is making significant strides to help ensure that Los Angeles and Orange counties are protected from additional spread of COVID-19

The AltaMed Community Response Program was created in early March 2020 to minimize the amount of coronavirus cases within our communities and ensure their safety.

Our communities are among the hardest hit

Approximately 23% of AltaMed patients tested for COVID-19 are testing positive. Coronavirus is hitting AltaMed’s service areas hard and it’s not going to go away until they have the means to thoroughly track everyone who needs to be tested.

Our Community Response Plan

With AltaMed’s efforts and help from their supporters, over 100,000 COVID-19 tests have been administered by AltaMed to people in their communities. They’ve also set up Outdoor Triage Assessment Sites to provide a first line of defence and ensure those with the most critical health needs are treated quickly.

Towards a Safe Reopening

In order to completely lift the stay-at-home order and safely reopen their communities, AltaMed continues to play a key role in meeting the key indicators set by Governor Newsom. AltaMed wants their communities to return to work, support local businesses and build the infrastructure for a better tomorrow. To significantly reduce the risk of infection and move towards a full reopening, AltaMed’s response plan includes:
  • Rapid expansion of Telemedicine services to reduce in-person visits.
  • Delivering 1,000s of food and hygiene kits to the most vulnerable.
  • In-home medical visits to reduce possibility of infection for those with pre-existing conditions.

Thank you to our generous donors for helping us support our community during this global health crisis

Help our communities throughout Southern California stay safe and healthy

AltaMed relies on donor support to continue providing the life-saving and preventive services that will help curb this pandemic. Help them face the challenges as we all adapt to our ever-changing environment.

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