AltaMed Community Response

As early as March, AltaMed has been testing for COVID- 19. As of today, we have provided more than 40,000 tests our community members, including our uninsured, undocumented, elderly members. We will continue to be a resource for our most vulnerable patients as we all adapt to our ever-changing environment. With YOUR support, we can keep our communities safe and healthy!

A constant in our communities

For more than 50 years, AltaMed has been providing care to its community members regardless of insurance, immigration status or ability to pay. AltaMed has been able to withstand the test of time due to the trust we’ve established with our community members. We understand the importance of adapting and tailoring care to individual needs. Because of you, we will continue to grow when and where we’re needed.

Rooted in activism

The civil rights movement brought forth a lot of change and highlighted the injustices faced by people. In 1969, a group of Brown Berets were inspired by the Civil Rights Movement to take action and fight for equal access to health care for Latinos in Southern California. The Barrio Free Clinic was created and sustained by community members who would place whatever payment they could afford into a gallon water jug. With the support of the community and AltaMed Responders, AltaMed has grown and continues to take action for its most vulnerable.

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